What Is Kontiki Fishing?

What is Kontiki Fishing?

You are someone who is always looking for new techniques to catch fishes. You love to try out different methods for fishing and enjoy novelty. The last you heard was about Kontiki fishing. Now, you are wondering what kind of a fishing technique it is and whether you should try it out or not.

What is Kontiki fishing? Kontiki fishing is a technique to catch fishes with the use of a device called Kontiki. Kontiki consists of a long-line of baited hooks, which pull through the deep water and settle down into the bottom. Fishes get hooked to the baits, and later, the fishermen winch the line back to the shore and collect the fishes.

Kontiki fishing is surely a unique technique to catch fishes in the deep sea. Do you wish to learn more about how it works? Is it an effective way to catch fishes or not? Read on to find all about Kontiki fishing!

What Is Kontiki?

A Kontiki is a device that comes in the form of a raft or pontoon boat, an object you can inflate in windy conditions. It goes offshore while dragging a long-line of baited hooks. Before, winds used to power a Kontiki; but, electric motor Kontikis have evolved with time.

These electric Kontikis get power from batteries and go out in the deeper sea to any distance in all conditions. In best conditions, Kontikis can run almost two kilometers long distance. The way it pulls the line is constant. Thus, wind fluctuations do not affect the motorized Kontikis. They also come with a GPS or tracking system. It helps in maintaining the course and accurate direction offshore.

How To Fish With A Kontiki?

When fishers catch fishes with the aid of a Kontiki, it is termed as Kontiki fishing. Kontiki fishing involves the use of long-lining with the help of a Kontiki. It drags a long line consisting of baited hooks into the deep water.

Once the Kontiki goes offshore, the line it pulled starts settling at the bottom of the sea. Then, you have to wait for the fishes to get hooked and retrieve the line. There is no standard time to catch fish; it depends on when the fishes will hook up to the baits. Do not leave it for long as crabs or other fishes can eat the baits and hooked fishes.

Gear For Kontiki Fishing

In Kontiki fishing, you need a Kontiki device, whether manual or electronic. It will help in dragging the long-line offshore and into the deep sea. But, along with Kontiki, you need a few more tackle to complete your fishing gear.

You need the following gear for Kontiki fishing:

An Electric Winch

You can opt for a manual winch as well, but it will not be as comfortable as an electric one. An electric winch will hold your line and help you in retrieving your gear on the shore. It is a much easier option for an individual and ensures the dragging of the line.


You need a rough trace for Kontiki fishing. A fluorocarbon trace line would do the job. So, the trace line should be sustainable and non-breakable under strain. Otherwise, your Kontiki can get lost in the sea.


You need added weights or sinkers to settle the line at the bottom of the sea. So, you should attach the sinkers to the long-line clips. Attach the weights on the line as per the currents and requirements.

Long-Line Clips

Your line needs to have a stoppered section almost 150 to 200 meters back from the Kontiki. So, it becomes easier to pull your line out rapidly. Also, you can easily push and pull the clips on the line. You just need to be attentive to the spaces between each clip.

Baited Hooks

Baited hooks help you in catching fishes, so they are imperative as fishing gear. You need to choose the right hook size and bait type for tempting fishes to bite. Usually, the hook sizes 18 to 22 are ideal for Kontiki fishing.

Where Is Kontiki Fishing Common?

Kontiki fishing might be new to other regions; but, it has been quite popular in New Zealand. It started back in the 1980s with the help of sail-powered rafts or kites. The fishermen could place a long-line from the shore with it. It is mainly limited to offshore breezes, but people also use them on beaches.

Later on, people made homemade motor Kontikis, but they showed difficulty in running. After the creation of electric Kontikis, Kiwi families have begun using Kontiki fishing as a sport. They capitalize on the efficient performance of the latest Kontiki devices.

Is Kontiki Fishing An Effective Method?

If you can find a well-design Kontiki device, then fishing becomes an easy task. People can single-handedly use an efficient Kontiki system. The Kontiki’s design supports it in working through all conditions and set a long-line offshore. It helps in reaching the depths underwater that were otherwise impossible to cover. You get a wide area to catch fishes in the water.

Moreover, the GPS system enhances the automated mechanism of the Kontikis. You just have to ensure a long-line with baited hooks, a waterproof and fully sealed control, and a powerful winch. Hence, the line will go more than 1800 meters in the sea and settle down at the bottom. After a time, you can retrieve the line with the help of the winch.

What Is A Seahorse Kontiki?

Seahorse Kontiki is a market-leading, prominent, and famous electric Kontiki fishing system. Seahorse keeps introducing the latest and innovative Kontiki systems that can power through any condition. It provides a cost-effective and efficient way to catch the fishes wherever you want.

You will find a wide range of Kontiki models from Seahorse with distinct features. Any one of the systems would possess qualities that would be suitable for your needs. Seahorse utilizes all the latest technology to build Kontiki fishing systems.

How Many Hooks Are Allowed For Kontiki Fishing?

Different states and regions have specific rules about long-lining and Kontiki fishing. You need to check out the rules and regulations of the area where you plan to catch fishes. Generally, a long-line can have almost 25 hooks attached to it. Also, no more than two lines should link to a single boat.

Some states ban the long-lining for the risks it contains. A line with more than ten hooks is considerable as a long-line. So, you can use a system that pulls less than ten hooks for fishing in those places. Then, the rest you can check with the authority and regulatory body active in your area.


Kontiki fishing is a unique technique than general fishing methods. It might take some time to comprehend the setting of the gear for Kontiki fishing. But, the whole process and results are useful and satisfactory. Also, a Kontiki device is more economical than a boat. People take it as a recreational activity and a fun way to catch fishes.

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