What to Take Camping on the Beach?

What to Take Camping on the Beach
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Camping is an adventure full of fun. There are many camping types. Camping by the beach is fun as you get to enjoy the Majestic Ocean and warm sun with your friends and family. Camping on the beach is not very different from regular camping, but you should consider a few essentials.

This article will help you make clear what to take camping on the beach and have more fun with your family.

What to Take Camping on the Beach?

Beach camping can sound like paradise. But it can go a different way, too, if you are not prepared for camping. Conditions on the coast can be especially unpredictable, and you’ll need different essentials than you would need for traditional camping. You may be curious about what to take for camping on the beach? In this article, I will discuss the essential items you need. Let’s start 

1. A Beach Tent

Beach tent is one of the essential gear for beach camping. It is essential to make sure you choose the best beach tent when camping. Days can be hot, and nights can sometimes be freezing. Always invest in the best quality beach camping tent, never go for the inferior quality one. You should select a beach tent that is light in weight, come with a carry case, provide adequate ventilation, provide UV protection, easy to carry, and easy to use. 

2. Sleeping Mattress

A comfortable sleep after a tiring day at camping is essential. So you need a very comfortable, lightweight sleeping mattress, which provides you with restful sleep, along with ease in traveling. You should select the sleeping mattress for your beach camping, which offers a high-powered, built-in electric pump for hassle-free inflation and deflation. Such a pump can inflate the mattress in around 2 minutes to the desired firmness. The best camping mattress is one, which has a sturdy construction and is waterproof. 

3. Camping Pillow

Camping on the beach is a source of fun and adventure. But it is essential to have a full night’s sleep after a long day of the experience. That is why you should select lightweight and durable camping pillows. Also, look for the camping pillows which are fully adjustable, hypoallergenic, and machine washable.

4. Waterproof Blanket

A waterproof blanket is an essential gear for your beach camping. It is comfortable and durable, helps you to stay clean and dry during your camping beach.

5. Insect and Mosquito repellant

You may find insects and mosquitos around your beach campsite. So don’t forget to bring insect and mosquito repellent for a comfortable beach camping journey.

6. A Tarp

The tarp is a large sheet constructed of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material. Tarps help you to keep your sleeping space and everything inside of it nice and dry.

7. Quick-drying Towels

Quick-drying towels should be part of your beach camping essential list. They are small and lightweight, which helps you in packing them efficiently. They offer quick-drying, which is their most significant advantage.

8. Sun Protection

No beach camping essential checklist is complete without sunscreen, Aloe Vera, and SPF lip balm. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen 45 minutes before you’re in the sun and reapply every hour or so after swimming.

9. Zip-lock Bags

Zip-lock bags are an essential need. They allow you to keep your sensitive and essential things like smartphones, cameras, and wallets away from the sand. You can pack your wet clothes in these bags, without mixing them with your dry clothes.

10. Garbage Bags

To keep your beach campsite clean, you need garbage bags for this purpose. Don’t forget to bring these to enjoy your clean time.

11. Camping Cookware

Camping cookware includes a cutlery set, plate, mug, a non-stick skillet, small and large pot with a fitting lid, and handle. 

12. Flashlight

A quality camping flashlight is must-have gear for your beach camping adventure. It will not only contribute to your comfort, but this gear can also be a real lifesaver in after-dark emergencies. If you love beach camping at night, you need a Best Camping Flashlight to lighten your beach camping adventures.

A good beach camping flashlight offers a long runtime, must be water-resistant, and comes with different modes (low, medium, or high beam), intense brightness, durable, compact design, and have an extra charging solar option.

13. Power bank

Suppose you plan to go for a more extended beach camping trip, a power bank, or portable charger is a must-have gear. It will help your phone stay alive for a long time, so you may get connected with your friends or use GPS. Power bank must be compact in design, light in weight, energy-efficient, and reliable.

 A good power bank is the one that has high power capacity, offers multiple USB ports to charge multiple devices at the same time, and is solar chargeable too. 

14. Multitool

It is a mixture of tools that comes in a small size, allows you to solve your problems with a single device, which is a mixture of different tools. This gear is a must having a thing for your beach camping trip.

15. Cooler

Coolers are required to keep your food or drinking water cool during your beach camping time. Select the cooler which offers sturdy construction, long term cooling, wheel moving support, light in weight, and easy to use and carry.

16. Swimsuit

Going to beach camping and not going to swim, impossible. So, you will be swimming most of the time. You should carry your swimsuit to enjoy your camping trip.

17. A Hat

A hat will protect your face to some extent from sunrays. So bring this gear to avoid direct sunlight to your head and to avoid a migraine.

18. Water Shoes

 Water shoes will protect you from the rocks in the water and sea urchins. Water shoes must be strong, durable, light in weight, and ensures that moisture is drained away instead of gathering inside the shoes. So bring this gear and for better performance, invest in good quality water shoes.

19. Camping Stove

Camping stove helps you in cooking your meals. A good camping stove must be reliable, durable, and wind-resistant; it comes with an auto-ignition option, powerful flame, robust, and compact design.

20. Sunglasses

You should bring sunglasses with you on your beach camping adventure.

21. Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella protects you from direct sun rays.

22. Beach Chairs

They will allow you to relax on your beach campsite.

23. A Broom

This gear helps you to tidy your tent up.

24. A lighter and Matches

They will help you lighten your camping stove if it does not come with an auto-ignition option.

25. Reusable Utensils

Reusable utensils are an essential need for beach camping.

26. Life Jacket

A life jacket is also one of the essential gear for beach camping.

27. Folding Table

To play some games on it, or to serve and eat food on it.

28. Wet Wipes and Tissues

Don’t forget to bring wet wipes and tissues with you.

29. Hand sanitizer

It will help your hands to remain clear by killing germs and bacteria.


This article has covered some aspects of beach camping and answered the question of what you need to take along for camping on the beach. So, now pack up your bags for beach camping, and enjoy.

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