Where To Buy Firewood For Camping

where to buy firewood for camping

When you love the outdoors, your favorite memory is always around the campfire. The sound of wood crackling and the sparks rising in the sky looks absolutely peaceful after a long tiring day. Campfire is actually the beating heart of a camping night, whether in the mountains or in the woods. After setting up your camping tent, you might start thinking about how to start a campfire, especially when it is cold outside.

But finding out where to buy firewood for camping is an essential part of your camping trip. It will have different impacts on the environment. You only need to be prepared so that it will make your trip worthwhile. I have mentioned every single factor in this article that you need to know before buying firewood for camping.

Cost of firewood for camping

People tend to be familiar with the cost of firewood for camping. Some other options will help you in reducing its cost. I will mention some alternative sources to get firewood while keeping your trip budget-friendly. When it comes to buying firewood for camping, it is often the most cost-effective place.

Purchasing firewood at the campsite

You will have to pay a premium amount when you buy firewood at the campground. You have to pay a massive amount per bundle, and you aren’t even sure how much time it will last!  Most of the time, the campgrounds won’t allow you to burn outside wood from this area. This is because it may harm the local environment.

Places to find cost-effective firewood for camping

Saving your money when buying firewood for camping is always a crucial task. This is why people often ask where to buy firewood for camping. Well, this is not an easy task. Here I have mentioned below the most cost-effective places from where you can buy firewood for camping. You need to do this when you can’t bring wood from home.

The local guy selling wood

Well, the most reliable place to search for budget-friendly firewood is where a local wood guy selling the firewood nears the campground. Sometimes it’s difficult to find them, but mostly they are always around the campsite. If they are hard to find, then you may ask your camp neighbors as they might know about them. They also know the land better if they have been there for a longer time.

Home Depot or Lowe’s

Suppose there is a home depot near the campground. In that case, they are absolutely a reliable source of firewood, and they will sell it at an incredibly affordable price. You no longer have to buy the wood directly from the campground. They provide your firewood at a cheap and reliable range.

At Gas Stations

Buying firewood at the gas stations is yet another way to get affordable firewood. This method is not much cost-effective as the other mentioned ones. However, it is still reliable than buying firewood directly from the campground. It might be a little costly than the local guy selling piles of wood in a budget-friendly range. You should check several gas stations for the best price of firewood rather than buy it from the first one.

Wood being provided by Mother Nature

Although never forget about the free firewood. But most of the campsites have prohibited foraging the ground for wood. The natural forest land has no rules and regulations and allows you to find maximum firewood you need for free. You should follow all the rules and ordinances before foraging for firewood for your camping trip.

Scavenged firewood

This is another place where you can get free firewood at the campground. You can find scavenged firewood from the places where old campers have gone out. You might find burnt logs, but they still constitute life in them. Sometimes you may find one or two burnt logs only.

These are all different ways with which you can get the most cost-effective firewood for your camping trip. You don’t need to invest much in buying firewood as on the other essential camping gear. You only need to keep in mind these factors before buying firewood for camping. So that you will get a perfect campfire experience.

How much firewood is needed for camping?

After knowing about the places to find budget-friendly firewood, the next questions that might arise is how much firewood is needed for camping. Although this depends on some factors that include

Duration of campfire

When figuring out the range of firewood for camping, the most crucial factor in our mind is the campfire duration. The longer and more extensive the campfire is, the more firewood it will consume. If you want to use less firewood quantity, the most reliable idea is to let the campfire burn as long as you need it for cooking and warmth. You should keep your campfire manageable if you don’t camp often. This will conserve energy and wood around the campground.

Breaking down firewood that you will need

Most of the campers buy bundles of firewood. The size of the bundles varies, consisting of different pieces of wood. For example, a bundle with 5 wood pieces is enough for a small fire lasting for almost 2 hours. If you want the campfire to last for 4 hours, you might need at least 5 bundles of wood depending on how massive the fire is and what type of wood is being burnt. So you need to be sure about how many camping nights you want campfire and how long it may burn. This information will help you in finding how many bundles you will need for your camping trip.

Find firewood near the site.

If you have permission to gather firewood in a state park, you should prefer firewood near your campground. Firewood at a distance will make it difficult to carry. You should also wear gloves when gathering wood in any place. As you are not aware of what type of species are hiding under a log, so you need to be careful before gathering firewood.

Types of firewood

You should know the difference between hard and softwood when you opt for choosing firewood. When you want a quick fire for cooking in summers, it’s preferable to get softwood. In this way you can quickly cook food and fire won’t bother you much. But if you wish to have a campfire for winters, hardwood is recommended. Cedar and oak firewood comes with a pleasant aroma and can provide you with a perfect campfire experience.

Some rules and suggestions

People are wondering where to buy firewood for camping, and they tend to save trees by not transporting the wood much far away. In this case, you need to follow some suggestions and rules to get reliable wood for camping. These include

  • You should find out about some quarantine areas and issues using the state map.
  • Checking that gathering wood is allowed in local or state area.
  • You need to purchase firewood only 50 miles away from the campground.
  • You should also ask where this wood comes from.
  • If you don’t get local wood, then buy heat-treated firewood.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) How much time does it take to season the firewood?

It’s actually a whole year task as firewood requires at least 6 months to almost two years to dry out. The best time to cute and store firewood is at the end of winter and start of spring. You should store wood for the year ahead. The wood will dry in the summer months, and you can enjoy the cold weather campfire.

  1. Q) is it reliable to place firewood uncovered?

Generally, firewood remains uncovered. This is done so that it dries up properly. But when there is rain or snow, ice forms a coating layer quickly over the wood. A durable cover must be present over the wood to protect it. The cover must be slanted so that it keeps the moisture away from the firewood.

The Final Verdict

Only a little research is required to get the best firewood for camping. However, some people are not sure about where to buy the firewood for camping. Well, in this article, I have mentioned the most accessible and appropriate ways to get firewood for your next camping trip. You only need to follow some safety rules for getting reliable firewood. When you follow all these rules, it also reduces the number of fires, and less land is burnt each year. With making a little effort, you can enjoy a memorable campfire every day at the campsite.

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