Where to Shower When Camping?

where to shower when camping
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Showering is necessary for every human. Basically, it is vital for maintaining your personal hygiene and for cleaning your body while camping. If you are curious like many other people about where to shower while camping, well, it might look challenging to shower at the campsite. But there are a lot of ways for showering at the campsite. In this article, I have mentioned every information you need to know for showering on the campground. After reading this article, you will be able to find an easy for showering at the campsite and you will find out where to shower when camping. You will be able to maintain your personal hygiene. 

Where to Shower When Camping 

There are many ways of showering at the campsite. In this article, I have mentioned the three best ways to take a bath while camping. After knowing about all these methods, you can opt for the one that suits you the best. This will make your trip much more convenient and reliable. The methods include

River Bath

This is a simple and best way to get a bath. This method is highly reliable as you don’t need any equipment. You just need a swimsuit and jump into the river. This is highly suitable for summer camping as to prevent bad odors and for keeping yourself fresh at the campsite. However, it is not reliable for people who don’t know how to swim so they should go with those who know how to swim. This is important for saving yourself as it can be dangerous. For people who can swim, this is the best way to keep themselves clean while camping.

Sponge Bath

This is also an effective method for taking a bath at the campsite. If you want an extra clean feeling of washing up, then a sponge bath is the most reliable option. You will have to follow a few steps for taking a sponge bath. You will need a sponge or a towel, a filled pot of water and soap. You must use a biodegradable soap for taking a bath here.

You can use these types of equipment to clean yourself. You can go for taking a full-body bath, or you can clean up particular areas such as armpits and groins for preventing bad odors. If you want to take a sponge bath in cold weathers, then you will need a stove for heating up the water. Once you are done, make sure you dispose of the leftover soapy material away from rivers and lakes. This method ensures you to get extra clean while camping.

Backpacking Shower

The last best method for taking a shower at the campsite is the backpacking shower. It will make you feel like you are taking a shower at home. You don’t need to carry the whole shower from home as there is a lot of backpacking showers available in the market. There is a large bag and a shower cock. The bags are water-filled, and you can hang them up on a tall object.

It will make you feel like you are showering. If you prefer taking a shower with cold water, then it is highly comfortable to use this backpacking shower. You only need to fill the bag with water and then take a shower. But if you want to take a shower with hot water then first you will need to heat up water on the stove. It is a perfect idea and will make you feel like showering at home.

Best Places To Shower At The Campsite 

Now when you are aware of different methods of showering and bathing at the campsite, you need to know some best places for taking a shower. If you are camping in a place where the lake is freezing, then it is difficult to take a shower. In this part, I have mentioned some places to take a shower in a cost-effective range.

Recreation Centers

You might have to search for a recreation centre for showering at the campsite. If you are going on an extended camping trip, then you can buy a membership for showering every day. This will give you two advantages as you can use the gym room as well as a shower room. But if you are not going on an extended camping trip, then you don’t need to purchase a membership. Just pay every day and enjoy showering while on a camping trip.

Gear Shops

This is another way of showering while camping. Some campsites have gear shops near then that offer inexpensive shower options. But it is very reliable. If you are camping in a cold place, then this is the most suitable option for you as you cannot take an outdoor shower. In summers you can opt for other showering or bathing options. These showers are timed, and you can use them for 5-7 minutes. This option will make your shower regularly by paying an affordable price.

National Park or Campgrounds

Some national parks enable campers to take timed showers while camping. You can purchase timed showers at these areas daily for maintaining your personal hygiene. Most of the national parks allow those people to shower who are inside the campsite. You will get a comfortable shower at a cheap rate. These places are the best for enjoying a shower in winters. They will provide you with a reliable trip, and this will help you in maintaining your personal hygiene and preventing bad odors.

Hip camps with Showers

This is another way for showering at the campsite. You can search for different camps which include showers. You must have your essential things along with you when searching for this kind of shower. You should have a shampoo conditioner and your biodegradable soap along with you when going on a camping trip. This will enable you to enjoy the best camping trip and will enable you to take a shower regularly. This method is best if you don’t have any recreation centres near your campsite. 

Some Extra Tips For Showering at the Campsite 

When you are going on an extended camping trip, you need to maintain your personal hygiene for everyone’s sake. You should be prepared for a few things before taking a shower at the campsite. You need to keep in mind some tips as you will use a public bathroom for showering.

  • Try to wear flip flops while showering. As some public bathrooms have rough facilities. You will find one shower stall with a long-lasting wager and best pressure.
  • Showerheads are somehow adjustable, and you will get better pressure as you want. It will enable you to enjoy the shower while camping.
  • You should keep an eye on insects as there might be any insects present in the bathrooms. 
  • You need to consider the timing of the shower. Getting a shower in the evening is more preferable than in the morning. As people opt for showering in the morning so if you want a less crowded shower than you can go in the evening.

How You Can Use A Portable Shower

There are a lot of different showering options, but there are some standard features in all of them. You need to look for some hard surfaces and avoid sand as mud will coat your feet. You should search for a place where privacy is available. When you are using a shower system, you need to know where you are going to hang it. Make sure you keep a rope along with you to hang the shower bag tall enough for comfortable showering. The other important thing is to keep a look at the soap you are taking along. The soap must be biodegradable if you are going to shower outside. Don’t keep the water running as you might not have access to water every time. Turn off the water when you are going to soap up and then turn on for rinsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are solar showers reliable?

Solar showers are reliable if you are tired of being dirty while on a camping trip. Solar showers are great as they will heat up the water within the shower and you can enjoy a hot water shower easily. It is incredibly significant during cold weather, as bathing in a cold river is not possible. You need to see other showering options at that time.

Q) How many days you can go without taking a shower at the campsite?

You can go without taking a shower as long as you don’t stink. Most of the times, it is acceptable for at least 4 days without taking a shower. As soon as bacteria grows and multiples, they will make you stink. And to prevent those bad odors you need to take a bath or a shower on the campground. 


Everyone wants to go on a camping trip for enjoying a few days in the outdoors. For people who want to know where to shower while camping, well, it is not a challenging task. You have many different methods for taking a shower at the campsite.

 By taking a shower at camping, you will be able to maintain your personal hygiene for yourself and for everyone’s sake. All these methods are highly reliable. You only need to choose the best one for you. In this article, everything is mentioned that you might need to know about showering at the campsite.

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